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La Chu Village offers a wide range of enjoyable activities for you to explore and experience the authentic countryside of Vietnam. Here, you can cycle along the village roads to witness the serene green fields, participate in rice planting with local farmers, and learn how to cook traditional cuisine, or simply relax with a massage amidst the tranquil natural surroundings. La Chu Village provides numerous meaningful activities for you to discover.


Staying in our charming and poetic bungalow is a way to get close to nature, making you feel the peaceful pace of daily life in the La Chu countryside.


Discover the hidden beauty of La Chu Village through different types of tours. Book our tour to embark on the journey of finding serenity in rural Hue.

Discovery La Chu Village

La Chu Village is a small farming village, over 600 years old, and 10 km from the center of Hue City to the North. Coming to La Chu Village, you are likely living in the tranquility of the countryside in Vietnam, which has vast green fields, the gentle scent of a lotus lake, and a serene atmosphere creeping into every corner of the village. La Chu is also well-known for its traditional fondness for learning, which has been inherited through several generations, producing many talents for the country. Nowadays, La Chu still maintains and promotes the traditional values of their ancestors. If you want to immerse yourself in the peaceful countryside of Vietnam, La Chu Village is an ideal place to explore the culture, simple lifestyle, and customs of the local people.

Discovery Bungalow At La Chu Farmstay

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Single Bungalow

$150 / night
A Cozy and Affordable Living Option

Deluxe Bungalow

$230 / night
Experience luxury living in our Deluxe Bungalow.

Family Bungalow

$190 / night
With all the amenities of home, a family bungalow offers a cozy and inviting space to unwind and spend quality time with loved ones

Cooking Class At Sen Lake

If you are a food lover looking for an extraordinary culinary experience, you can’t miss the cooking class at Sen Lake. Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Sen Lake, this cooking class will take you on a gastronomic adventure through the vibrant and diverse cuisine of the region.

The cooking class at Sen Lake is designed to immerse you in the local cuisine and culture. You will learn to cook traditional dishes using fresh and local ingredients, and discover the fascinating history and stories behind each recipe.

Popular Experience at La Chu Village

Taking a cooking class at La Chu Village has several benefits. Firstly, you will have the opportunity to learn authentic Hue recipes that have been passed down through generations. This means that you will be cooking traditional Hue dishes that are not commonly found in restaurants. Secondly, you will be cooking with fresh, locally sourced ingredients that are grown in the village.

Hue Cooking Class at Sen Lake


Experience Bungalow at Sen Lake


Deluxe Bungalow